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In our website you can find a wide variety of our game products, mainly deer and wild boar.

Our company is situated in the heart of the Mountains of Toledo, in the town of Las Ventas con Peña Aguilera, province of Toledo. We distribute game all over the country as well exporting it to other countries, where the quality of our meat is held in high value by our customers. Our secret is none other than quality and a 100% natural product, directly from the countryside.

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The quality of the Vencaza products resides in their being 100% natural, the meat being selected with extreme care by our professionals directly from the hunt. Quality Guaranteed.


Our quality certificate and the certification of the veterinarians, both during the hunts and in our butchering room, certify the quality of the meat which goes through all the required and necessary controls.


At Venzca we have been producing the best deer and wild boar for over 30 years, following a family tradition with wide experience in selecting the best specimens.

Adress: Calle Molinos s/n - C.P. 45127
Las Ventas Con Peña Aguilera - España
Phone: 925 41 81 54  |  Fax: 925 41 91 62
e-mail: info@vencaza.com

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