Vencaza goes to the place where the deer and wild boars have been brought down on the same day as the hunt. They are eviscerated and given a health check by the veterinarian assigned to the hunt. Once they have passed the health control they are removed from the site of the hunt in our refrigerated vans and taken to our butchering room. Once there, they are place in our cold storage where they are kept at at temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, to be inspected the following day by the veterinarian in charge of the room. When the meat has been stored for a sufficient amount of time it is skinned. For this we use a machine which pulls on the skin using rollers which means that the meat does not suffer any cuts or deformations whatsoever. Once this process is finished (leaving no skin or impurities) the specimen is transferred to the butchering room where the animal is cut up into its different parts and boned, or not, depending on the client's taste.


When they have already been butchered, the animals (now in pieces) are transferred to the packaging room where they are introduced into vacuum packs made of standardised polyethylene and polyamide. Once in their respective packs they are vacuum sealed so that the meat does not lose its properties. Once the packs have been sealed they are labelled with the name of the product in several languages and the packaging and use-by date. Once the product has been labelled it is frozen a tunnel at 40 º below zero, where the meat is perfectly frozen and product is given a use-by date of 912 days. The meat may also be fresh, as we also work in this sector.


Finally, the frozen product is packed in boxes and deposited on European pallets to facilitate their transport. When the pallet is complete the meat is transferred to a freezing chamber where the product is kept frozen at a temperature of 18 º below zero. Here is were our handling of the product is completed. All that remains is to load it on refrigerated vans and take it to your homes, in the best sanitary conditions and all the flavour of the mountains where they were born.

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